Our Executive Members

Alka Kumari

Founder Member & Executive Director of Arambhavam Technology Pvt. Ltd. She by birth belong to an entrepreneur family and She is Master in Business Administration in Managements and Finance and playing a role of Internal Administration of Arambhavam group. She is a rich visionary, ambitious and jolly by nature.

Rajendra Prasad Sharma

 Founder member & Managing Director of Arambhavam Technology Pvt. Ltd.He completed an MBA in Marketing and HR. He has more than 15 years of experience in different organizations in different roles. After working in different organizations, he started his career in recruitment. Two more start-up financial and logistic sectors are being run successfully by him.


Founder member & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a visionary leader at the helm of Arambhavam Technology Private Limited. Armed with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. He fuses his technical expertise with strategic prowess to drive the company towards groundbreaking advancements.